Productive Distractions: Links I Love

Homemade smudge bundles!Homemade smudge bundles!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ONE AND ALL! In the wake of the holiday season, here are some bits and pieces to chew on when considering your health for the new year:

  • The person who discovered the negative effects of trans fats is turning 100! Guess how long it took for his revolutionary and significant findings to become standardized (hint: greater than 49 years). This guy still has more to say, and it’s about time that we start listening.
  • Make sure you know what you’re getting when you buy herbal supplements. Do your research and ask your doctor before reaching for the next big nutriceutical fad. And, of course, the contrasting argument.
  • Recently a study came out comparing an all meat diet against an all plant diet with predictable results (all meat bad, all plants good). Robb Wolf questions the study and challenges the nutritional scientific community to take more care with their designs.
  • I’m a proud paleo gal with a bunch of fabulous vegan friends. How does that work, you might be wondering. Here’s the vegan perspective on why eating paleo ain’t too shabby.
  • How about a resolution that helps you lighten your emotional load? Stop stalking all of those “friends” that aren’t really friends and move onward toward better and brighter things.

Resolutions and Renewals,